April 8, 2011

Whole Foods Extravaganza

Whole Foods is a wonderful place. I  wish it were closer. It's a good thirty minutes away, making it only a once or twice a month trip for me. I could spend hours there, honestly. I won't go into detail as to what's available there, as I'm sure you all know. However, I have recently realized their prices on many items are comparatively priced to my local supermarket, and sometimes even better. Alas, there are certainly items more expensive, but for the convenience I'll just purchase them there or make a quick stop elsewhere.

On my last visit, I discovered a few fantastic tidbits. They have a Kid's Club. Who knew? I certainly didn't. But I was pleasantly surprised while waiting in line to return a beauty product I didn't love (GREAT return policy.) A woman with young child in tow asked for the Kid's Club special treat. What? Fortunately I didn't have any little ones with me, unfortunately I couldn't test out this new discovery. I certainly asked about it. In my local Whole Foods, simply ask for the Kid's Club snack at customer service and you'll receive a single-size treat. The two times I've been able to take advantage of it they've offered a fruit snack and a pumpkin/sesame cracker - both thoroughly enjoyed by my 4-year old. From what I've read online, availability varies by store, as well as how they manage it. Some stores require a special card, some stores allow you to pick out your treat while you shop and then reimburse you at check-out.

I also found out they will replace your reusable Whole Foods shopping bags for free. They really do. Mine should've been replaced a while ago, but I never asked about it. During checkout, the woman bagging my groceries took notice of the many rips and pulls on my bags and went ahead and gave me new ones. Fabulous.

Yet another bonus, Whole Foods offers cooking classes and special programs for both adults and children. I have yet to participate in any, but it sounds like they're always offering a special program, activity, or event. You can check online at www.wholefoodsmarket.com for a calendar of events in your local area. For example, the Glastonbury, CT store is having a Gluten-Free Extravaganza this weekend. While you're on their site, check out their coupons. Another 'who knew' for me - didn't know they existed until my recent web search.


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