April 9, 2011

Green smoothies

Yesterday was the much anticipated monthly gathering of the-reason-I-named-my-blog group of fabulous, health-conscious women, THE Moms of the Round Table. Our topic: green smoothies. I've never had one before, and quite frankly was a bit afraid. They've never sounded very palate-pleasing to me. I've done almond milk, orange juice and fruit combos with great success, but stopped at the green produce. Well, I've been mistaken and have been missing out. I admit it. They are delicious, nutritious and can be kid friendly! My girlfriends have the hard-core mixers (Vita-Mix and equivalent), which are amazing. I've since decided I can't live without one. However, I currently have an old fashioned blender and although it won't mix like the others, it will certainly do the job. 

A green smoothie is tremendously good for you. You can get a big chunk of your daily nutrients in one serving. Add your fish oil, flax seed oil or any other healthy supplement with ease. Kids will never know. It's easy to make and fills you up. Enjoy one for breakfast with your kids or have it as an extremely healthy snack option. You'd be surprised at how filling they are and how long they keep you feeling satisfied.

If your kids are hesitant to try a green healthy-looking drink, create a fun name for it. For some, Swamp Juice, Slime Juice, Spiderman Energy Juice, Tinkerbell Smoothie (in a pink cup, of course) work well. You get the picture. Get creative.

If you have the ability to prepare the night before, you'll make for a much easier morning. Place all the ingredients into your blender, keep in the refrigerator overnight and you're ready to start your day with a great breakfast with the simple push of a button.

kid approved smoothie
(compliments of Carrie, approved by her 6 year old) 

1-1/2 large, ripe bananas
5 kale leaves, washed, stems and veins removed
2 cups fresh or frozen mango and pineapple
1 cup apple juice (or orange juice or any other juice)
2 cups water

1. Combine all ingredients in blender. Mix on high until smooth. If you use fresh fruit, add ice to blender to chill it. If you'd like it a little sweeter, add a teaspoon of agave nectar. 

While making this, my boys were running around the kitchen saying, "Ewww, that looks healthy" and "That's it for breakfast? That's not much, I'm starving!" But when the smoothies were ready for tasting, they really enjoyed them. My little guy asked for seconds and the older one said he was full. Perfect!
Makes 4 servings.

seriously green smoothie
(thank you, Marli)

1 large, ripe bananas
1 large, ripe pear
3 stalks celery
1 carrot 
5 kale leave, washed, stems and veins removed
2 cups water
ice to chill 

1. Combine all ingredients in blender. Mix on high until smooth. The texture is a little courser when made in a blender, but it tastes incredibly fresh and delicious.
Makes 1 quart. 


Marli said... [Reply]

If you like you can add Raw Hemp Protein Powder. 3 TBL will do per shake. It's full of Omega Fatty Acids, Protein and Antioxidants. It's high in Vitamin A - 240% of the Daily Value and other beneficial nutrients as well - And it's got 16g of Protein per 3 TBL serving! I get mine at Whole Foods by Navitas Naturals.

Tracy said... [Reply]

Thanks for the tip - just bought some. Wow, it's loaded with good stuff. Does your heavy duty mixer really incorporate the powder? Not sure if I put too much in or if it's my primitive Cuisinart not doing a great job, but was slightly grainy. Not too bad for me, but little guy definitely noticed it.

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