June 8, 2011

Intex Pool and Salt Water System: A Healthier Summer Swim

Summer is here in the Northeast! We really went from winter, jumped through spring and are now facing a heatwave usually only seen in August. The predictions are for temperatures close to 100 degrees. Right about now I am SO happy we have our newly set-up above ground pool. Okay, it's not beautiful to look at and is a little too close to our house and patio for my liking (it's on the only level spot in our entire yard), but it's a great addition and will be the source of much summer fun. It's already gotten a lot of use...and it's only the beginning of June.

I purchased it from our local Target and the size I bought (14' x 42") is available only through Target. It was on sale for $230, but is regularly priced at $300. Click on the Target link on the right and type in Intex Ultra Frame - free shipping is available now with your $50 and over order. It comes with a cover, skimmer, pump, net, water test strips and vacuum.

It was incredibly easy to set up. A girlfriend who purchased the same pool actually set hers up first and had a few tips for me, which was very helpful. The box is really heavy. The best way to 'move' the box was to take it out piece by piece instead of trying to carry it (by myself...my husband was away during setup.) I did have a friend helping me put the frame together, although I could have done it myself - it just would have taken a bit longer. Hmm, she also put together the ladder...maybe quite a bit longer. Once up, just add water. We have a well, so the hose was on and off for a few days until it was full. That didn't stop the kids though, they still had fun in just inches of water.

One of the things I've always hated about pools are the chemicals needed to treat them, so I decided to go the saltwater route. Intex makes a compatible salt water system, which essentially converts pure salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine via electrolysis. The advantages of this system include no longer needing to handle the dangerous chemicals and continually adding them to the pool, no more red, stinging eyes, no more faded bathing suits and it's much more environmentally friendly. Salt doesn't evaporate, so it's not necessary to constantly replenish it. Our pool water is clean and clear and there's no salty water taste! Although the salt is converted to chlorine, it's at much lower levels and doesn't contain all the chemicals the packaged chlorine does. The Intex Deluxe Saltwater Systemcosts $160 (or at Target $170 and free shipping), plus 2 bags of 40 lbs. pure salt (available at Home Depot, local hardware stores, etc.) at less than $10 each.

Now instead of trekking out to the beaches or heading to Nana's pool, we only have to go as far as our backyard. I'm looking forward to a great summer with the kids!

If you decide to add an Intex pool to your summer activities, here are a few tips:
* You do want to make sure the area where you place your pool is fairly level. Ours is ever-so slightly off, which concerns me a little, although I'm assured it won't be an issue. We did siphon off a little of the water just to be sure.
* As the directions indicate (watch the DVD), make sure you smooth out the wrinkles on the bottom of the pool when there's only an inch or so of water - I waited too long and couldn't move any of them.
* The filter can be cleaned with a garden hose, but you should have an extra one on hand for when that no longer does the job.
* Remove the ladder when not in use - you just never know.
* Make sure you're familiar with your state's pool laws - fences, alarms, etc.- and that you review your pool rules with the entire family.

UPDATE: I just saw the same Intex pool with slightly different dimensions (15' x 42") at BJ's for about $250. They also had the Intex Saltwater System available for $160.


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